Moving Tips

Vancouver Moving Tips: 

Our Vancouver movers are here to make sure the day of your move runs as efficiently as possible. Hiring skilled and efficient movers is a necessity and the following tips would be of assistance. Please follow these tips in order for us to provide you with a stress free moving experience in Vancouver:

  • All boxes should be packed and taped properly at a weight that is easily moveable, so
    the movers can move more than 1 box at a time. Do not over pack boxes – use more
  • Make sure all dressers and drawers are emptied.
  • Have all entrances and hallways cleared.
  • Make sure that you inform us about any narrow hallways, number of stairwells, height
    restrictions and all items exceeding 150 lbs.
  • Have as many packed boxes or items you outside ready and waiting, so we can
    immediately load it into the truck.

If you are looking for a mover in Vancouver and surrounding areas, consider giving Major Labour Movers a call @ 778 395 5555 or 1 855 55 MAJOR. Our expertly trained and professional movers in Vancouver would be happy to complete your move!