Finding A Low-Cost Surrey Mover Without Getting Scammed

Finding A Low-Cost Surrey Mover Without Getting Scammed

Reputable Surrey moving companies are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Professional Surrey movers are often uniformed and professional in demeanor and their trucks are well maintained and decaled.

Moving can be a costly and frustrating experience. While being able to find moving companies that charge an affordable fee is always a good thing, the possibility of getting movers who lack professionalism or ethics increases. And with the moving industry being de-regulated since 1995 resulted in a decrease in federal monitoring of moving companies. Unprofessional moving companies has become bolder in conducting their underhanded businesses. So how do you keep yourself from getting scammed?

• Recommendations: Perhaps one of the most reliable ways to find a reputable moving company is to ask recommendations or suggestions from friends or relatives who already have moved and employed the services of such movers. Researching online, particularly in online email groups or other social media platforms is also an option.

• Large Moving Companies: The thing with large moving companies or brand-specific moving companies is that they are already established and are reputable. This means that you are assured that these people will not try something shady just to earn a bit more and risk their brand name. The drawback though is that their services can be steep. Also, unless you are a VIP, or you own a huge mansion and own a lot of furniture then chances are, they are likely to put your belongings along with other clients’ possessions to fill up trailer space. While it should not be an issue, the problem comes in if you are pressed for time or have no other place to stay at because professionals like them have a delivery window of 2 days up to 2 weeks.

• Do-It-Yourself: You could always do it yourself or ask friends or relatives to help you move. You can probably rent a truck for the time being to get your furniture transported and agree upon the payment upfront. It may be too much of an effort on you and your family but it will probably save you money.

Then again, thanks to the internet, finding reputable Surrey movers is no longer like finding a needle in a haystack. Surrey moving company reviews are abundant online.