Movers in Vancouver Gives Tips on the Best Places to Move for Retirement

Movers in Vancouver Gives Tips on the Best Places to Move for Retirement

A lot of people aim for a financially sound retirement and knowing the best country to retire to is a good start.

Panama, Coronado: This is one of the best retirement places to retire. The daily living expenses are affordable and monthly rent generally costs around $600. In addition, property prices are great outside the capital city and in fact, the country offers one of the best retirement programs. Since the country uses the US dollar currency, there is no exchange rate risk for retirees whose retirement incomes are limited. The country also offers favorable taxation and you only need a monthly budget of $1,800.

France, Languedoc: For retirees who prefer living in countries reminiscent of the old world as oppose to living in the tropics, there is France. France is a place known for its good wine, architecture, lush culture and rich history. You only need around $2,300 for a monthly budget and $800 for monthly rent and you are good to go.

Ambergris Caye, Belize: This is one of the safest countries and because it used to be a colony of Britain, the locals speak English. Though the prices for having a property in the sandy area of Belize may not come affordable, it offers the most affordable price throughout the Caribbean. The country also offers services that cater to retirees. In addition, foreigners do not need to pay tax in Belize and it is easy to obtain legal residency. You only need $2000 budget and $800 for your monthly rent.

These are some of the best places to retire to! To facilitate a smooth, stress free move, get in touch with movers in Vancouver that offer long distance moves. Movers in Vancouver can also help you with packing your belongings and disposing of unwanted items. For temporary moves there are some Vancouver moving companies that offer storage services as well!