saying goodbye to friends before moving

Saying Goodbye To Friends Before Moving

It can be a very emotional and difficult experience to say good bye to your friends because you will be permanently relocating to a different place. And even if it is only temporary, it can still be a sad event. However, there are a number of ways to make the parting ways more memorable and enjoyable, at least for a day.

Empty House Party: This may sound counter-intuitive to what you are trying to accomplish but it is actually a fun way to spend the last couple of days of packing. Getting some chairs or stools and having some barbecue on the lawn with some friends and relatives who are helping you pack is one way of lessening the sad atmosphere of moving away. Get some chips, some bottles of beer or anything and maybe spend the whole evening talking away and reminiscing about the good things that happened in the past.

Housewarming Party: On the other hand, if you moved to a nearby town which is still accessible to your friends and relatives then it is not really a good bye. The best way to celebrate this is of course to have a house warming party. Just notify your friends about your plan for a housewarming party and then hold the party once the move has been accomplished.

Gifts: Another way of making farewells memorable is by shopping for gifts to give to your friends as a remembrance. This would be great if you can find a way to hide it somewhere where they live along with a farewell message, provided that you did not hide it in a place that is difficult to find or has the potential of ruining the gift itself.

A permanent move often brings sadness and stress, employing the services of a Vancouver moving company can certainly be of assistance on a stressful and emotional day.

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