Career Moves – Professionals Most Likely to Move for their Careers

Moving for work has been cited as one of top reasons why people move. When it comes to work opportunities abroad, you can learn a great deal about the condition of the global economy based on the influx of talent migration from other countries. Linkedin came up with an informative article on their blog where they analyzed which countries gained and lost the most talent, based on their data. To summarize:

UAE saw a strong inflow of professionals at 1.3% net gain particularly among architecture and engineering roles. This might reflect the region’s fast development and the increasingly busy skyline. We noticed that the vast majority of members who moved to the UAE (75%) came from outside of the Middle East. Additionally, we saw that many members were promoted as part of their move, with 40% of members indicating a seniority of “manager” or higher in the title of their new position.


Spain has the largest net loss of 0.3%, most likely as a result of the economic challenges in recent years. Proximity to their home country appears to be an important driving factor with 60% of professionals who left Spain remaining within Europe. However, Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America are also a popular destination for Spanish professionals representing about 20% of thosewho moved.

Countries Gaining and Loosing from Professionals Relocating

Countries Gaining and Loosing from Professionals Relocating


Additionally, they looked at the skills listed in the profiles of people that have moved for work and found some commonalities:







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