Vancouver Moving Tips – Moving with Pets

If you are moving to a new place and you have a pet it is important that you consider the following factors:

Pet Tag: Make sure that you update your pet’s name tag. This includes changing the address noted on your pet tag, contact number and the new address where the pet should be moved to. This makes it easier for you to be contacted in case an issue arises which involves your pet

Vet Records: If the new place where you will be moving to with your pet is too far away in relation to your pet’s veterinarian then you may want to consider asking your pet’s veterinarian for a copy of your pets medical records like medications, or vaccination records. You can also ask the veterinarian to furnish your would-be new veterinarian with information regarding your pet’s medical history.

Medication/Food: It is important that you are also prepared in terms of medicine and food for your pet. If you are hiring moving companies in Vancouver for example then it would be best to have a week’s worth of food and medication in cases of emergency. Asking for an extra prescription from your veterinarian can help you be prepared in such unfortunate times.

Protect Your Pets: Animals, pets in particular are easily rattled by noises and rough movement and they tend to feel vulnerable while in the process of moving. The best way to handle this is to keep them somewhere that they will feel safe and away from too much noise. Once they reach their destination, it would be best to put them somewhere that has good ventilation and put signs such as “Do not disturb”.

If you need some moving boxes in Vancouver and you have a pet, always take into account your pet’s needs as well as how to make the moving a more pleasant experience for your pet.