Vancouver moving tips for when moving with children

How Moving And Transferring Schools Impact Children

Moving from one place to another is a difficult experience for children. Furthermore, they tend to get stressed when they know that they will be transferring from one school to another. Just think about the following scenarios:

Friendship: The fact of the matter is that friendships established in school pays an important role when it comes to a student’s motivation to attend school and study. And moving or transferring from one school to another can be disruptive to the moving children’s motivation.

Anxiety/Stress: If adults still experience extreme difficulty and stress during moving then just imagine how much anxiety and stress children go through at such times. Children or young adults are not emotionally mature yet so they tend to feel more anxious and stressed when they move. Not to mention that they will be leaving friends from school and from the neighborhood. 

Depression: In addition to the aforementioned factors that affect children when moving, since they are more prone to being emotional, they tend to lose focus and this can reflect in their grades in their new school. They might find it less motivating and may even subconsciously rebel against the fact that they are no longer with their friends. This becomes worse if they are having a difficult time adjusting to their new environment, particularly in hanging out with people at school. 

Adjustment: The children will have to familiarize themselves with the route they will be using to attend their everyday classes. This also includes public transportation that they will be using, the total fare they need to spend going to and going home from their new school especially the travel time. In addition, the children will also have to get used to the culture of their new neighborhood.

Moving can be a stressful experience for everyone. Hiring a Vancouver moving company to assist you with your move can guarantee a stress free moving experience (dependent on the experience and efficiency of the Vancouver movers).