Top Southeast Asian Countries to Move to

With the worldwide economy not looking favorable, it can be more of a challenge to manage your monthly expenses, not to mention that tax rates in some countries can be overwhelming. On the other hand, a growing number of people are realizing that moving to southeastern Asian countries is an advantage. The fact is that a lot of Southeastern Asian countries have an abundance of affordable food and lodging. Not to mention remarkable tourists spots. If you are feeling adventurous, our Vancouver movers has put together a fun list of great cities to move to in South East Asia.

Manila, Philippines: There are places in the Philippines that are advantageous for your standard traveler to move to. Makati City is one these cities; a city having a big portion of commercial area, There are also elegant and sophisticated malls where one can go to for some shopping. There is also Fort Bonifacio which is similar to Makati in a sense that it has a big commercialized area. And we are not even talking about great tourist spots like the underground river in Palawan or the beaches of Boracay.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: Tourist enjoy travelling in Ho Chi Minh, particularly in District I because it has everything that most westerners want; hamburger shacks, bars to enjoy the night away, and cafes located at every corner of the city. Despite expensive real estate properties, rental apartments are very affordable in the city though take note that these apartments are often located far from the main establishments that residents usually go to.

Kuala Lumpur: The United States is commonly known for being a melting pot of culture however, as years pass by and as people migrate from place to place, some countries have become melting pots of cultures themselves like Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is one of the most commonly visited countries in Southeast Asia for its lush mixture of culture. You would find establishments here selling western products, or Vietnamese restaurants if you want to have a taste of Viet cuisine.

If you are someone who plans to move in one of the countries in Southeast Asia, you may want to grab the phone now and contact some of the moving companies in Vancouver that offers long distance moves for their professional advice and assistance.