Moving away from vancouver - where to mover overseas to save on cost of living

Moving From Vancouver – Where to Move Overseas To Save On Cost Of Living

What makes the idea of retiring overseas appealing is the opportunity to move to a country with a very low-cost of living. This works best especially if you desire to enjoy a comfortable life of retirement without having to struggle financially then here are some places where you can consider moving to:

Dumaguete, Philippines: What makes Dumaguete a great place to retire at is that the locals speak the English language and are friendly. In addition to this, there are a number of inexpensive restaurants and market place to purchase food from. There is also the opportunity to enjoy its culture that is not found in other places in the Philippines. The beach is also nearby in case you are looking for a nice place to retreat to.

Chiang Rai, Thailand: It is a location wherein thick, cool forests and breathtaking waterfalls and other tourist spots are accessible. There are also internationally accredited hospitals that are available in the city, as well as large shopping establishments which lie around the city’s perimeters. The city is easy to love because of its abundance of fresh air, light traffic, friendly population not to mention it offers low rent costs.

Ipoh, Malaysia: This places is not only known for the low-cost of living it offers but it also boasts its clean water and fresh air which greatly promotes a healthier environment for  those who plan to retire to a healthy lifestyle. Ipoh also provides first-class heath care and modern infrastructure. The locals also speak English which makes it easier for most English-speaking tourists to blend in.

Nha Trang, Vietnam: One of the countries in Southeast Asia which boasts a low-cost of living. The fact is that Nha Trang has a warm vibe to foreigners as well as a laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. Like most countries in Southeast Asia, English is a language that is widely spoken here. There are also local physicists who can treat simple ailments for only $10 per session.

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