Vancouver Moving Tips – Moving With Pets Part 2

Moving is a stressful experience however it is a more stressful experience to pets. Here are some additional moving tips for moving with pets.

Planning: The first thing that you have to do is to carefully plan the move. With the knowledge that this move can be very stressful to your pets, it is best that you think of ways on how to better take care of your pets at this time. Check if your local Vancouver moving company have a moving box delivery offer or any better ways of transporting pets.

Paperwork: This includes contacting your vet and letting her know that you will be moving. If you are moving somewhere close then it should not be much of a problem unless your pet is currently suffering from an ailment which can worsen as caused by the stress of moving. In case they require shots, it is best that they be given shots as soon as possible before the move. Consult your vet as well if you will need sedatives to lighten up the pets experience as you travel. Getting copies of the paperwork from your vet is also a must.

Pet-Friendly: It is also important that you verify with the landlord of the house where you are moving to or at least the people in the area if its pet friendly. This is something that should be done before the move and as part of your preparations, and it would be great if you are going to move to a place with a backyard so that your pet has a place to hang out at.

Groom: Ensure that your groom your pet a week before you move because you would not want your pet to leave an unpleasant scent in your transportation vehicle or where you will be going. At the same time, if you will employ the services of professionals to groom your pet, inform them of your move so they may be able to suggest the best options for you.

There are a number of things that you should keep in mind if you will be moving along with your pet and these are some if the more important things that you should take into account. For more tips on moving pets, check out our previous blog article – Moving with Pets, Part 1 !